Brand New Steakhouse Music Video - Watch NOW

One short month ago we debuted our first EP "INVICTUS" & the response has been incredible! We are blown away by your support of "INVICTUS."

To thank our fans for their amazing support, we're excited to share this special music video for our hit single, "Steakhouse".

In honor of the release we have a bit of a challenge for you all. We NEED your help getting the word out about this video. So share this video with your friends & family.

Post it on FB. Share it on Twitter. Email it to your grandmother. We don't care. 

BUT we will be keeping track of all the shares & as a bonus we have prize packs for a few lucky fans...

Here's how it works:

We keep track of how many times the video is shared & who has shared it. Each time your share the video your name gets put in a drawing. On Wednesday, June 15th we will draw a few lucky winners to receive a one-of-a-kind LeAnder prize pack. Each prize pack includes limited-edition LeAnder merch. The more shares, the more winners:

10 shares = 1 winner
50 shares = 5 winners
100 shares = 10 winners
Etc., etc.

Without our fans we're just a wanna-be boy band. We are so thankful to all of our fans who have supported us thus far. Help us get even further. Blow us away. Enjoy the video & never stock rocking!